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Diversity, inclusivity and freedom of expression

We aim to embed equality, diversity and inclusion into everything we do. We want our policies, practices and processes to empower individuals to be able to contribute fully. 

As an employer and educator, King’s recognises its legal duties as well as the moral imperative to promote diversity and inclusion within the campus community and to provide a safe and healthy environment for work and study where staff, students and other members of the King’s community are treated with dignity, courtesy and respect.

Our dedicated Diversity & Inclusion team not only ensures that King’s meets and upholds its legal obligations in regard to equality and anti-discrimination law, but also makes positive interventions to embed the ethos diversity and inclusion into policy, processes and everyday practice, working to eliminate barriers to participation and success.   

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Freedom of expression

We are proud at King’s to hold a wide range of events with internal and external speakers.  These events are an important way in which ideas are freely exchanged and we believe that open and uncensored debate from all sides is one of our core purposes as a university, provided they take place without fear of intimidation and within the framework of the law.

We do, however, accept that these kind of debates will not always be comfortable for everybody and some of the issues at the heart of these events can become polarising and deeply-felt by staff and students.

King’s and KCLSU care deeply about how we manage freedom of expression at the university. As a partnership, we share a vision of King’s as an inspiring and open place to learn and are committed to working together to make sure we provide safe platforms for free, peaceful and respectful dialogue as demonstrated in our joint statement. 

King’s and KCLSU Joint Statement on Freedom of Expression

“King’s College London and King’s College London Student Union have a strong commitment to the values of freedom of expression, freedom of thought, freedom of conscience and religion and freedom of assembly. The university upholds this commitment through its core strategic priorities: education, research, and service. One of our central guiding principles in the King’s Strategic Vision 2029 is to ‘demonstrate open-mindedness and tolerance and expect to challenge and be challenged in protecting the freedom of expression’. King’s expects its academic and professional services staff, its students and visitors to the university to respect and promote this guiding principle.

“The furtherance of intellectual inquiry necessarily involves ideas that are in dispute, that may cause controversy, that may cause offence and that may provoke a reaction amongst audiences in the university community and beyond. The university is committed to a safe and civil environment for the exchange of ideas and the cultivation of knowledge. Our commitment will at times see the university serve as a place in which intellectual, moral, or political disputes come to the fore. At such times, the university’s role is to ensure that all parties feel confident and safe in expressing their views except when this speech discriminates based on race, class, disability, sex, age, gender identity, transgender status, religion or sexual orientation.

King’s College London and King’s College London Student Union make this statement conscious of the particular role that universities play in society and of the societal and public obligations that this entails. Nothing in this statement should be read as a deviation from, or contradiction to, the university’s Charter, statutes and regulations, or its obligations under the laws of the United Kingdom, including equalities legislation. The university has in place policies that enforce this statement.”

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